2020 Paide State Building



Coop Bank new office

2021 Skyon

Thin tower for refreshing city silhouette

2020 Viljandi SPA


2021 St Petersbourg hotel

Hotel interior remake

2012 TV Tower

From a Soviet era techno-structure to a modern tourist attraction

2018 Hanasaari


2021 Staapli 10

Interior of the real estate development office Invego in Noblessneri quarter, Tallinn

2018 Tallinn City Theatre


2021 Villa Rahnu

Private villa in pineforest

2021 Grakliani Museum

Archeological museum on Grakliani Mountain in Georgia

2006 Fahle House

An urban landmark at the gates of Tallinn

2021 Mtshketa Museum Reserve

Archeological museum in old capital of Georgia

2018 Straldsund Maritime Museum


2021 Villa Metsmaasika

Villa with helicopter hangar

2020 Career Centre

Career Centre

2017 Narva City Square

Central square next to most iconic buildings in border town

2021 Vesilennuki 18

Vesilennuki 18 housing for most noble ones in Noblessner Harbour

2016 Boreal Revheim

Boreal Revheim

2019 PROTO

Proto Invention factory in the historic Noblessner Foundry building

2021 Rae State Gymnasium

New sstate gymnasium building

2016 Busveien


2018 Dance of Death

Spacial design and framing for Berndt Notke midage painting

2017 Kosmos Cafe

Coffee theme exhibition competition

2016 Regati


2021 Niguliste tower lift

Reconstruction of the Niguliste church tower with glas lift

2014 Krulli factory

A coherent urban environment between the Kalamaja and Pelgulinn districts of Tallinn

2017 Plauen Textile Museum

Museum in the historic city of lace production in Germany

2016 Tartu Natural History Museum

Renovations for one of the oldest museums in Estonia and a new permanent exposition

2021 Pille 16

Office building in Veerenni quarter

2014 Lauteri 3

30-storey business and residential building in the heart of Tallinn

2021 Tiiu 14 - 16

Tiiu street apartment houses for cosy living

2012 Seaplane Harbour exhibition

Estonian design awards 2012 World Architecture Festival 2012 Shortlist: Display

2021 VOLTA quarter position 7-8

6 apartment buildings in old electric factory area

2012 TW Tower exhibition

TW Tower exhibition

2010 Artis Cinema

Artis Cinema

2021 Patarei Prison Museum

Museum of Soviet time prison

2021 Tõutsi aerodrome

Plane hangar in South Estonian Altiport

2010 Puppet Art Museum

Museum of theatre puppets in the historic Old Town of Tallinn

2005 Merchants House Hotel

Hotel in midage buildings of Tallinn old town

2021 Almaty Apartment houses competition

Apartment houses in Almaty city in Kasakhstan

2004 E-Parlament


2021 Aiandi houses

Apartment buildings in former gardening farm area in Tallinn

2021 Villa Marihein

Villa near Tallinn

2021 Mõtuse 25 apartment building

Housing in Kristiine quarter in Tallinn

2021 Paldiski road 110

Highrise housing in Rocca al mare

2021 Villa Pärtli


2021 L'Embitu Hotel

125-room hotel on Lembitu Street

2020 Rotermann Bakery

Gatehouse of the historic industrial quarter in the heart of Tallinn

2020 Fat Margaret

Reconstruction of mid age cannon tower for maritime museum

2020 EXPO2020 Dubai


2020 Patarei complex competition

Patarei Sea Fortress reconstruction architecture competition

2020 Cinema Union

Cinema Union

2020 Luminor head office


2020 Conversion exhibition

Exhibition of KOKO architects most famous buildings

2020 Sunly Park


2020 Telliskivi Radisson SAS


2019 Rävala Gallery

Shopping and entertainment and offices in hearth of Tallinn

2019 Central Market Tallinn

New Central Market building with surrounding apartment buildings

2019 Allveelaeva 4


2019 Dnipro River Harbour

Dnipro River Harbour

2019 Palamuse Museum

House museum for Oskar Luts

2018 Sepapaja 1

Sepapaja 1

2018 Sepapaja 10

Sepapaja 10

2018 Maarjamäe Castle

Castle reconstrucion for Estonian History Museum

2018 Hanasaari

Hanasaari power station reconstrucion concept

2018 Maakri 23a

Office building in the city heart

2018 Baltic Manufacture reconstrucion

Baltic Manufacture reconstruction into living quarter

2018 Peetri 7

Peetri 7

2018 Tbilisi TV Tower

Reconstruction and opening the landmark to public

2018 Peetri 8

Peetri 8

2018 Kopli 35 Baltic Manufacture


2018 Vabamu


2017 Rotermanni Grain Elevator

Reconstruction of grain silos into offices, dance studios and restaurants

2017 ENGURI attractions

Tourist attractions and science center near Enguri dam

2017 Baltic Station Market

Re-defining of city space and market with buildings

2017 Gerogian Pavilion EXPO2017 Astana

National pavilion at thematic World Exposition

2017 Minetrawlers on slip

Eventspace concept for Noblessneri quarter

2017 WASA Hotel

Sensitive architecture in the summer capital of Estonia

2016 Skåpet

Modern weather-proof lodges on the Rogaland hiking trail

2016 6 Jõesuu Street office building

Office building

2016 Natural History Museum

Renovations for one of the oldest museums in Estonia and a new permanent exposition

2015 Estonian Healthcare Museum

Reconstruction of midage buildings and permanent exhibition for museum

2015 LAEV

Cruise ship shaped apartment building sailing in the seaside of Tallinn

2015 Rannamõisa apartment buildings

Affordable apartment houses near Tallinn

2015 Estonia SPA and Hotel

Bone naked reconstruction of the hotel buildings in Pärnu

2015 Port Franco

Office and commercial building in port area

2014 Arvo Pärt Centre

Arvo Pärt Centre

2014 Molfsee


2014 Tartu mnt 80M

Apartment Building

2013 Aqva SPA hotel

Thematic hotel building in Rakvere

2012 Seaplane Harbour

Reconstruction of the first large concrete shells into maritime museum

2011 Dale main building

Former hospital building reconstruction in Stavanger

2011 Tartu Maarja Church

Reconstruction of the church in Tartu

2011 Great Guild Hall

Permanent exhibition for Estonian History Museum in midage building

2009 Metro Plaza

Most central building in Tallinn

2009 Rotermann Carpenter's Workshop

Reconstruction into three tower UFO building

2009 Villa in Merirahu

Private house at the seaside

2008 Go SPA Residences

Holiday apartments next to GO SPA in Saaremaa

2008 Rabaküla


2007 Arensburg Boutique hotel

Small gem shape hotel Kuressaare

2007 Kuldala

1600 meter long clever housing blocks around bush park

2007 Villa in Saaremaa

Private residence

2007 Tallinn English College

Sports building with office spaces for city school

2007 Synagogue

Heart for jewish religious and cultural life in Tallinn

2007 Sakala

Daily paper editiorial building in Viljandi

2006 North Tallinn planning


2005 Vabriku 33

First new apartment building in later hipster quarters of Kalamaja

2005 Merchants House Hotel


2004 Jurmala SPA Hotel

SPA Hotel in the highest building of Latvian seaside resort

2004 Georg Ots SPA Hotel

Island vibe escape SPA space in Saaremaa for healthy people

2000 EXPO2000 Hannover

Estonian Pavilion at World Exposition at Hannover EXPO2000 with moving carrots on the roof

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