Coop Bank new office

2021 Mtshketa Museum Reserve

Archeological museum in old capital of Georgia

2020 Career Centre

Career Centre

2019 PROTO

Proto Invention factory in the historic Noblessner Foundry building

2018 Dance of Death

Spacial design and framing for Berndt Notke midage painting

2017 Kosmos Cafe

Coffee theme exhibition competition

2017 Plauen Textile Museum

Museum in the historic city of lace production in Germany

2016 Tartu Natural History Museum

Renovations for one of the oldest museums in Estonia and a new permanent exposition

2012 Seaplane Harbour exhibition

Estonian design awards 2012 World Architecture Festival 2012 Shortlist: Display

2012 TW Tower exhibition

TW Tower exhibition

2010 Artis Cinema

Artis Cinema

2010 Puppet Art Museum

Museum of theatre puppets in the historic Old Town of Tallinn

2005 Merchants House Hotel

Hotel in midage buildings of Tallinn old town

2004 E-Parlament


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